Behold! by Joyce Rogers (Book)

by Joyce Rogers



One morning Joyce Rogers witnessed a breathtaking sunrise. She was captivated by God's handiwork. Truly the heavens do declare the glory of God, just as the psalmist said. She could almost hear God saying to her, "Behold!" The more Joyce praised God for such a magnificent work of art, the more God reminded her of the many occasions when she and her late husband, Dr. Adrian Rogers, had experienced God's glory and magnificent creation. Inspired by this moving experience, Joyce began a study of the word behold in her personal quiet times with the Lord. Over and over again she found that the Scriptures direct us to "behold" the glory and work of the Lord---to gaze upon them and consider them deeply. During this time, Joyce reflected on the many personal experiences through which God graciously allowed her and Adrian to behold His majesty and glory. Mrs. Rogers' intimate reflections ultimately became this volume, entitled simply, Behold!

  • paperback
  • 117 pages
  • 5" x 7"

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