Preaching for a Verdict (Booklet)

Adrian Rogers


SKU: K173

The consistent use of the invitation keeps the importance and priority of evangelism constantly before the church. It gives those present an opportunity to be saved, and it reminds those present why evangelism must be the priority of the church. This invitation handbook for preachers comes from an outstanding practitioner of the public invitation.

Adrian Rogers was as effective in his use of the invitation as any pastor or evangelist. Every church he served experienced significant evangelistic growth under his leadership. His use of the invitation was a major factor in that growth. Week after week his invitations were always simple, clear, relevant, and powerful. He was a master expositor of God’s Word, and he demonstrated consistently how systematic biblical exposition and the evangelistic invitation go hand in hand. His inclusion of a public invitation meant every sermon, whatever its primary text, had to include the Gospel.

For Dr. Rogers, the invitation is not tacked on to a sermon. It completes it. There is no better model for how to incorporate the invitation into normal worship services of a church than that of Adrian Rogers.