What Every Pastor Ought To Know (Pastoral Resources DVD)

Adrian Rogers



After his retirement from Bellevue Baptist Church, Adrian Rogers recorded a 14-session DVD seminar called What Every Pastor Ought To Know. While instructional for pastors, this series also informs staff, church leaders, and members about the biblical responsibilities all pastors assume when they become God's leader in a local congregation. Taken straight from the scriptures, Adrian Rogers provides plain-­spoken clarity in areas like a pastor's authority, leadership, responsibilities, integrity, and priorities.

Also included is Adrian Rogers' biography Love Worth Finding written by Joyce Rogers. This book is in part a loving tribute to a godly man, husband, and father. Love Worth Finding also reveals the heart of the philosophy of Adrian Rogers' preaching. Understanding this facet to Adrian is to understand much about his love and passion, and why his life's call has been to the pulpit. Adrian's answering that call has impacted millions of souls and will continue to reap a harvest for the Kingdom for generations to come.

DEMO: Download Session XIII Workbook.


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DEMO: Session XIII - The Pastor's Personal Leadership